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Solar Panels

We start with a chat where we discuss your future plans and your home. From that conversation we’ll form the Lab Analysis which identifies the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with your property.

Hydropower Plants

It’s important to know what homes have sold and which are selling nearby. This market research will form the basis of your Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and give you an indication of where your home’s value may sit.

Wind Turbines

Our salespeople’s results speak for themselves. Sales records, auction success rates and client testimonials all reinforce why and how we get you the best result when selling your home.

Lab Realty Real Estate Agents

Choose a human not a brand.

While real estate brands add value, ultimately, you should be choosing your agent based on their skill, personality and results, not the brand they work with.

  • 13,000+ Real Estate Agents able to bring buyers to the table.

  • Bespoke marketing plan for each property.

The Lab Realty Difference

We go beyond just Land and Buildings.

A lot of real estate agencies claim to have a fresh approach to one of the oldest industries. We believe we have the right mix of modern technology and marketing blended with the traditional techniques and fundamentals of real estate.

The Benefits

  • Award Winning Agents.

  • 13,000+ Agents Work-In.

  • Bespoke Marketing Plans.

  • Exclusive Selling Technology.

  • As-Is, Where-Is Specialists.

  • Property Development Experts.

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